Art House Cinemas

Miami is having a renaissance in Art House Movie Theatres.  From posh Coral Gables to gritty Wynwood, there is a place for you to catch “your not ready for prime time” movies.   Below are five theatres, one should be near you.


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O-Cinema is located in Wynwood at 90 NW 29th Street and is owned & managed by Vivian Marthell and Kareem Tabsch.

The theatre is a reclaimed warehouse space that also has a small reception area up front and a few artist retail spaces on your way to your seats toward the back.  Popcorn, candy and beer are available, and sometimes they have a food truck in the parking lot for before or after the movie.  There is plenty of street parking out front, and several restaurants are within walking distance.
When it first opened, I thought they didn’t have a chance.  I was wrong.  Between special events, filmmaker Q&As, and a great showing of films, Vivian & Kareem are making it work. 
They also care.  I went to one of their first showings and wrote them concerning the sound quality.  Kareem responded immediately letting me know they were aware of the issue, were in fact meeting with the audio company that same day, and wanted to know what my concerns were.  I’m happy to say the audio sounds great now.
Miami Beach Cinematheque

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Miami Beach Cinematheque is locating in the Old City Hall Building in the heart of South Beach at 1130 Washington Avenue, 1st Floor, and Dana Keith is your man.

The Cinematheque has moved from their old Espanola Way quarters with the fold-out chairs to new swanky digs in Old City Hall.  Located on the 1st Floor, the Cinematheque wins both the Chic Style Award and best sound of all the Art House Theatres.  There is plenty of parking at the 12th Street Garage and plenty of places to eat all around (I vote for Vinyl & Kai literally across the street on Washington Avenue).  Inside you have your choice of quality candies and refreshments.

The Cinematheque is staffed with society member volunteers that love movies.  They offer a great mix of classic, foreign, and small domestic films, as well as act as a venue to some of the smaller film festivals.

The Bill Cosford Cinema 

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 The Bill Cosford Cinema is located on campus at the University of Miami in the middle of the Memorial Building on the Doctor’s Hospital side of campus–opposite US-1.  And as addresses go, that’s the best you are going to get.  The Cinema is named after Bill Cosford who was The Miami Herald film critic that tragically died young due to illness. 

The Cosford gets movies both late and early.  The small art house films seem to get here way before other venues, or they get the ones that don’t go any where else.  The Cosford shows standard Hollywood fare after their normal wide release runs.  But the great thing about the Cosford are the shorts or vintage news reels they play before the feature–you truly never know what you are going to get.

Parking is plentiful, but food choices are slim–you are in the middle of campus.  So eat early or after, because unless you like vending machine candy–and I do–you have nothing.  One other thing, outside the cinema is what I think is the only YooHoo! Chocolate Milk vending machine in the world–which I take full advantage of on visits.

Coral Gables Art Cinema

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The Coral Gables Art Cinema is located at 260 Aragon Avenue across the street from Books & Books and is the brainchild of Robert Rosenberg.
The Theatre is located in found space in an existing parking garage; so no surprise, there is plenty of parking.  There are also plenty of places to eat within walking distance.
I have only seen one film there and only good things to say–the seats are comfortable and the sound & picture quality good.  What I have to do now is the same thing you have to do, make time to enjoy it.
If you love movies or want to try something different, one of these locations will help you out.  Visit their websites, keep up to date on what they are showing, and give them a chance.  You’ll have a good time.

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