Comic Weekend at the O-Cinema – 2012

This past weekend was hopefully the First Annual Comic Weekend at the O-Cinema.

Kareem Tabsch and Vivian Marthell did an excellent job staging a great event for everyone involved.  The weekend had multiple screenings of With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story and Comic-Con Episode IV:  A Fan’s Hope, as well as Batman (1989), Superman II, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The Tim Burton Batmobile was on hand, as well as many Cosplay participants–with the winner of best costume winning 75 Years of DC Comics from Taschen (a great book which I own, but did not win).  Also on hand was David Sexton, former Marvel writer of the Mystic Arcana series involving Magik, The Scarlett Witch, and The Black Knight; William Lawrence Hess, one of the directors of With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story; Jaie Laplante, Executive Director of the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF); and Billy Corban, director of Cocaine Cowboys and The U.

Scroll below for some of the photos, and stay tuned for the upcoming reviews.

Front Page of the Tropical Life Section of The Miami Herald by Rene Rodriguez

1989 Tim Burton Batmobile

Kareem Tabsch & David Sexton

Batman Themed Cosplay

Top Prize for Best Costume

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