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Versatile Blogger Award

Back on June 8th, 2012 storiesbywilliams nominated me for a The Versatile Blogger Award.  After which I thanked him and committed to having this post up by Friday.  Being that was in June and we are now in August, I failed miserably in that goal; for which I humbly apologize.

That being said, I now have to say seven things about myself:

  1. I proposed in Central Park with the amazingly romantic line of, “Let’s do it.”  To which the reply was, “What here?  In the Park?”  Which lead to my clarification, “No, let’s get married.”
  2. My favorite building is The Empire State Building.
  3. I am an Alpha Sigma Phi.
  4. I was at the first National Championship Game for the University of Miami in the Orange Bowl.
  5. The first comic book I ever purchased was X-Men:  Giant Size Annual that introduced the “new” X-Men including Storm, Wolverine, etc. to rescue the original X-Men including Iceman, Angel, etc..  It was a purely by luck purchase.  I still own it, but not in any form of mint condition.
  6. My first memories of movies at a theatre are always from a severe angle.  My father was a smoker, so when we went to the movies we always sat in the smoking sections at the extreme right or left seats.  This was in the day of Wometco 3 and Miracle 4, and the theatres were large.
  7. My High School graduation was at the Gusman Center, an old movie palace.  You can see the photos here:  Gusman

Since Monday’s post was geared towards movie reviews, I focused these nominations on different types of blogs:

  1. advandstudio A great place to discover designers, architects, photographers, and other creative types.
  2. Raising My Rainbow An inspiring blog about a Mother and her family, and the challenges of raising a gender nonconforming child.
  3. polentical “progressive politics and regressive entertainment. like peanut and butter.”  Also, Matt is a Howard Stern fan.
  4. Fed and Fit  I have never discovered so many great recipes–now I can make Kale Chips, and for that I am thankful
  5. barbraelka Photographer transformed to art.
  6. Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations A collection of great Sci-Fi book reviews and classic Sci-Fi book covers.
  7. Trevor Saylor Photographer with a great eye for shooting candids, spaces, and other things, as well as creating photos with great composition.
  8. BONUS:  ReWriteDr He hasn’t been posting lately, but if you need a professional critique of your script he is your man.

Thanks again to storiesbywilliamsand I still haven’t gotten you that picture of the Moebius Galactus’ Ship.