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“Stardust” (2007) – 5-Obstructions Review

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Nostra at “Myfilmviews” is continuing his 5-Obstrucitons blogathon, and I have waited to the absolutely last possible minute to post my entry.  For this interview review I have asked my husband to be the interviewee, Edwin Scharlau.  I first thought about conducting an interview about his documentary, Unfit:  Ward vs Ward,  but I felt I would be cheating since I had such easy access to the filmmaker.  When I asked Edwin which film he would like to be interviewed on he said Stardust.  I first I said no since I recently reviewed it here, but after a lackluster Hugo interview I relented.  So, without further ado,

VMR:  Why Stardust?

ES:  Because it is the only movie in my memory that I can recall going back to watch in a theatre a second time the following day.

VMR:  What made you want to watch it again?

ES:  Everything about that movie was so perfect that I wanted to see it again to validate that feeling from watching it the first time.  I’m not normally a fan of fantasy, but something just really spoke to me about that movie. I don’t know if it was the great mix of the time period, or the whole mystical aspect, the visuals, the music.  Everything just seemed to come together perfectly for that one.

VMR:  What about the music did you like so much?

ES:  I liked the epic feel of the music.  There was something about the music that made my heart race.

VMR:  What were you favorite scene involving the music?

ES:  When Michelle Pfeiffer is on the cliff and walks away with the whole landscape in the background.

VMR:  You said the movie “spoke to you,” in what way?

ESI think it had a really good message.  The way Tristan went out on this adventure to search for something for this girl he had a puppy-dog crush on because she seemed like the perfect girl for her—though we know she is not.  But then he goes out on this adventure and he realizes something about true love.  You can find true love in the least likely places or people.

VMR:  Do you see a little of Tristan in you?

ES:  I think Tristan is probably more adventurous than I am, and a bit more of a hopeless romantic.  But I did find him relatable.  He does tend to see the good in everyone, and I feel I do the same in most cases.

VMR:  Even though you think the movie is practically perfect in every way, is there something you would change?

ES:  There is nothing I would change about that movie.

I think another reason way I liked it, though it was fantasy, was that it made sense to me.  It seemed much more realistic to me then some other movies…like science fiction movies.  There is something really human and relatable to it.  I also really liked that they took Michelle Pfeiffer–who is arguably one of the most attractive women ever–and turned her into an old ugly witch, and she was wiling to do that.  And that they could take Robert de Niro—a badass tough guy—and put him in a dress, and he was willing to do that.

VMR:  Have there been any other movies that spoke to you in the same way?

ES:  No, not fantasy movies.  Thinking about it, Big Fish also spoke to me.  It was similar in that there is something real about it, but there is the fantasy element in it.  The Narnia films as well.  There is something incredibly sweet about Stardust.  It had everything in it:  greed, honesty, love, beauty.

VMR:  Where you surprised to learn this was only the director’s second film?

ES:  Yes.  It did surprise me he was able to do such a big movie with a big cast.

VMR:  Did you enjoy his third film Kick-Ass?

ES:  Yeah, I did.  It was surprisingly funny.

VMR:  Final question.  What numerical and alphabetic score do you give Stardust?

ES:  A+ and 10

VMR:  Thank you.

Click on image to view trailer.

Click on image to view trailer.