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Where Have I Been and How Did I Do?

I’ve been neglecting my reviews, but for good reason.

My second (unpaid) job is Co-Chair of the Program Committee for a local film festival in Miami.  Last week was the deadline for submissions, and we are in a time crunch to finalize the Program so we can lock down the films and go to press.  With the exception of this past Sunday, literally all of my free time has been sent screening shorts, docs, and features, and imputing the rating sheets into the master spreadsheet from the other committee members.  I’m looking forward to this Thursday and the weekend when we finalize our dream schedule.

The fun part of the scheduling process is going to be when the different committee members–myself included–have to go to bat for certain films because there are only so many slots.  I definitely have my favorites that other members do not agree with.

Look for a multi-part series I am going to entitle “How to get your Film into a Film Festival” in the upcoming weeks.

Switching subjects, I watched an advanced screening of “John Carter” on the 22nd.  All I will say for now is Disney is doing a poor job of marketing the film.  As for my review, look for it March 8th.

Switching subjects one last time, I got 17 out of 24–though I think I posted 15/24 on my Facebook page–last night at my Oscar Party and won the pool.  I was very happy.