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2012 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (MGLFF) – What I am going to.

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The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival starts Friday, and I will be attending quite a few films.  I am Co-Chair of the Program Committee and we did a great job of putting together a really strong program.  It’s always interesting with group dynamics and what people do and do not like.  I am also especially proud that my husband has his world premiere for his documentary, Unfit:  Ward vs. Ward, at the festival–I recused myself from any discussion of its acceptance.  Even prouder that he will be in Boston in May and another festival–they have not released their program–after.

Below are the films we will definitely by attending, and a few I am going to try my best to make:

April 27th, Opening Night


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April 29th

Seventh Gay-Adventists

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Men to Kiss

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April 30th

Unfit:  Ward vs. Ward

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May 2nd, Centerpiece

Naked As We Came

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May 3rd

Men’s Shorts Program

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I will take full credit for the Shorts Program, and I am especially curious to see how one short in particular will do with the crowd.

May 4th

Elliot Loves

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May 5th, Closing

North Sea, Texas

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May 6th

Jobriath A.D.

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That’s nine definite “Yes” viewings.  Below are others I am going to try my best to make:

The Adored

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Mosquita y Mari

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MGLFF also shows at excellent venues:  The Colony Theatre, Regal South Beach, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Coral Gables Art Cinema, The Wolfsonian, and the Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami International Film Festival – Venues

As I said yesterday, one of the great things about the Miami International Film Festival is its use of the many venues in and around Miami and Miami Beach.  Below is the listing of the venues with at least one interior and exterior shot, and my opinion of it–if I have one.  The listing is in alphabetic order.  Also, I focused on a few of these locations in my Art House post from way back when.

Colony Theatre (Miami Beach)

Corner of Lincoln Road & Lennox Avenue

I’ve been to a few things at The Colony.  Before or after the show you can grab a drink and a quick bite to eat at Segafredo’s.  It’s one block away from the Regal South Beach.

Coral Gables Are Cinema (Coral Gables)

On Aragon Avenue across the sheet from Books & Books

There is plenty of parking since it is located in a Parking Garage.  It’s easy to miss because the City of Coral Gables does not allow them to put up any permanent signage on the building.

Festival Village Stages (Miami Beach)

1111 Lincoln Road-The coolest garage in the City

From the MIFF website, I believe they are talking about 1111 Lincoln Road for the Festival Village Stages.  But it may be an actual stage they move around on Lincoln Road in front of the garage.  This is in front of Regal South Beach on the other side of Lincoln Road Mall.

Freedom Tower (Miami)

The Ellis Island for quite a few Cubans during the 60s–my Family not included.

They’ll be using the Freedom Tower for seminars and parties.  I’m not sure if they are going to use the above interior, or the larger back area which was the old Printing Press for the “Miami News” paper.

Gusman Center for the Performing Arts (Miami)

The Gusman is where they show all the films with big names attached that are going to be at the Festival.  These few photos do not do it justice.  I’m going to reblog a post from “Little Beach Bum” who has many photos and a brief history of the facility in her blog.  On a side note, this is where my High School Graduation was.

Miami Beach Cinematheque (Miami Beach)

1st Floor inside the Old City Hall on Washington Avenue & 12th Street

After the recent renovation

The Cinematheque use to be in a make-shitt facility in the lobby of a hotel with folding chairs.  Their recent move is a great improvement.

O-Cinema (Miami)

Recently repainted exterior (which they do fairly often)

They are going to be almost doubling their seating soon.

Kareem and Vivian, the Owners, do am excellent job with programing.  I saw “Troll Hunter” there.

Regal South Beach (Miami Beach)

Corner of Lincoln Road & Alton Road

One of the smaller theatres.

Regal South Beach is the local multiplex on the Beach.  They do a great job hosting the many different film festivals in South Florida, as well as programing smaller independent films.  This is where the bulk of the festival screenings will occur.

The Historic Alfred I. DuPont Building (Miami)

This is where the opening night party will be held.  On a “too much information” note:  the Ground Floor Men’s Room have pedal flush urinals.

The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse (Miami)

This is in the Wynwood Section of Miami, just North of Downtown.  It’s gritty, dirty, and full of many art galleries.  They are going to use this facility for two Director Seminars.

Tower Theatre (Miami)

In Little Havana (8th Street–Calle Ocho–just West of Downtown)

 It’s always a fun mixture of people when the audience exits and mixes with the locals.  There is a domino park right next door.

Villa 221 (Miami)

Just West of Biscayne Blvd on 22nd Street (maybe 21st)

Back Yard

They are going to have performance artist one night for a party.

Wynwood Walls (Miami)

The festival will be screening more shorts at this location.

I hope you enjoyed.